The Iron Surfer

the Iron Surfer, Brian Roberts

is the only bodybuilder

in the world

who is pumping iron in the ocean

Pismo Beach today

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The Iron Surfer has discovered pumping iron in his ocean gym is a bodybuilders paradise. Like in the movie

Endless Summer, the surfer is looking for the perfect is the bodybuilder,

looking for the perfect workout. The Iron Surfer made a discovery. Pumping iron in the Worlds first ocean gym.

Brian Roberts made gym history. becoming the CEO of the worlds first ocean gym.

All the fresh ocean oxygen

gives me a better pump

than in the gym

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or a sweaty gym workout

"The oxygen is so rich in the ocean,

making it a bodybuilders paradise."

the Iron Surfers discovery

"My oxygen charged workouts double what I can do in the gym"

call Brian Roberts, the Iron Surfer @ (805) 922-9303