The Iron Surfer

the Iron Surfer, Brian Roberts

is the only bodybuilder

in the world

who is pumping iron in the ocean

The Iron Surfer has discovered pumping iron in his ocean gym is a bodybuilders paradise. Like in the movie

Endless Summer, the surfer is looking for the perfect is the bodybuilder,

looking for the perfect workout. The Iron Surfer made a discovery. Pumping iron in the Worlds first ocean gym.

Brian Roberts made gym history. becoming the CEO of the worlds first ocean gym.

All the fresh ocean oxygen

gives me a better pump

than in the gym

discover a fun Iron Surfer workout

or a sweaty gym workout

"The oxygen is so rich in the ocean,

making it a bodybuilders paradise."

the Iron Surfers discovery

"My oxygen charged workouts double what I can do in the gym"

Brian Roberts